We coach age groups from under 3 to under 17.

Children play matches during the season from September to April in age groups under 6 (U6), U8, U10, U12, U14. Toddlers in the age group of under 3 don’t play matches.

We have two practice grounds. One is in the Swiss Club which is open only to Swiss Club members and one in Dunearn Road corner off Swiss Club Road where all non-Swiss Club members train.

Our coaches are professionals of the highest standard. Your children are coached by former Singapore National players, as well as current and former SLeague players.

We encourage you to join a free trial lesson to see if you and your child are comfortable with the team.

A fun and joyful environment for children to learn to play football under the guidance of professional coaches.

Yes we do offer football camps during the holidays.

We do participate in tournaments in Singapore and aspire to do so abroad.

YES! If you need help organizing your child’s birthday party please contact us at: olliver@cufa.com.sg or +65 9821 3869 
Our experienced coaches will make your child’s birthday party a memorable event, either at your home or a rented football pitch.

YES, all our coaches are trained in first aid and can assist in minor injuries.

We play rain or shine, as in Singapore the rain can go away after a short time, or can stay longer, so we make a call during the session. We NEVER play in lightening and as such have excellent Lightning detection.

CUFA follows the National Environment Agency (NEA) rain, haze and lightning warning system (LWS) guidelines

  • Training is always on
  • In case of rain/lightning the coaches will update the chat group 30 minutes prior to training about the weather conditions according to NEA web page and/or when they are on the pitch
  • Training will go on in case of rain but no activated LWS and if the pitch is playable. Coaches will at their own discretion consider the field conditions and weather and decide if it is safe to play
  • Training will be stopped/suspended once the LWS is activated and will resume once the LWS is turned off
  • Players are advised to join all coaching session as most of the time training a good part of the coaching session can be conducted, even before/after rain or lightning
  • In case of haze training will stop when the PSI level is above 150
  • As PSI levels are unlikely to change within an hour the coaches will update the chat group 45 prior to coaching in the coaching on or not
  • These measures are put in place with the players health & safety as the priority above everything else
  • This policy will enable parent to obtain training information as early as possible

Lightning detection:

Our Storm Pro 2 lightning detector and storm tracker allows us to track storms and lightning, its distance, its estimated time of arrival and its estimated time to clear. It allows us to suspend the coaching session and seek shelter for the trainees before a possible lightning strike.

Please send us an e-mail to: info@cufa.com.sg or call Olliver Marx +65 9821 3869