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Enrolling your kids in team sports in Singapore is a great way to keep them interested in exercise. Having fun with your footy teammates is an enjoyable way for kids to stay active and a great way for parents to invest in their children’s future health habits.

By introducing your children to fitness at a young age, you’re helping your kids set up healthy lifestyle choices down the track. However, many parents, especially with kids who seem to be addicted to technology over training, may find their child’s lack of interest in sport frustrating. The team at Cosmo United Football Academy has comprised a list of healthy ways to encourage your boys and girls to take part in team sports like soccer.

Understand your kids’ motivation 
If young kids don’t want to play football anymore, you need to check they’re not being picked on by other kids. Even with the most qualified of coaches on the field, children may be exposed to bullying off the field by other teammates. Many studies have shown that the crucial age for pulling out of team sports, including football, is around 13 years of age. This coincides with puberty and the teenage years every parent seems to dread. Hormones are changing and so are your kids’ priorities.

The desire for more privacy about what your children are doing, who they’re talking to and where they’re spending their time can kick in around this age, so you must keep the lines of communication open. As a parent, you need to be approachable for your children to engage in conversation. Schedule “check-in” times within your family, such as around the dinner table in the evening, so everyone gets to talk about their day, hopes and worries.

Get your kids excited about soccer 
If you are inspired by getting involved in sport, there is a fairly good chance your kids are going to pick up on it too and emulate your enthusiasm. Children often copy behaviours within their immediate environment and if they are watching and hearing their parents say they don’t like sports, it will impact the child’s choices.

If they see their parents lounging around on the couch and choosing a sedentary lifestyle over an active one, there is every chance they will see this as normal. Children love to demonstrate their achievements in front of their parents, so take advantage of this and make time to attend soccer matches, even if you do the “drop off and pick up” routine for training. This little bit of effort will make all the difference to your kids’ motivation to play football.

Take part in sports together 
Share quality time with your child and release stress by boosting your endorphin levels and kicking a ball around your local field with your kids. If you spike your children’s interest for the sport, you can enrol them in your local Singapore children’s soccer team.

Remind them that it’s okay to make mistakes, even if they’re on the field with their teammates, as this is how they can learn what areas need practise and what skills they have to hone. You can help them practise at home on the weekends and you’ll all benefit from engaging in healthy activities together. From teaching your child to ride a bike to scoring goals on your driveway, playing sport at home is a great way to demonstrate that physical exercise can be more fun when it’s shared.

Encourage your child to make friends through team sports 
Perhaps you have a shy child, who is experiencing some social challenges and you’d like to see them interact more with other kids. Team sport is a great way to nurture your child’s social skills. In the care of qualified and experienced instructors, your kids will be encouraged to take part and become a valued team member, which can do wonders for their confidence. Cosmo United Football Academy coaches are former S-League and National representatives, who have plenty of experience training children as young as 2 to 16 years of age.

If you appreciate the value of sport for your children, contact Cosmo United Football Academy on +65 9821 3869 or email . We also have school holiday soccer camps to help boost your children’s ball and boot skills. Check out our Website or visit us The CUFA Facebook Page

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