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Taking part in sport and exercise is great for your health and fitness an any age, yet there are specific benefits gained by starting young. If you’re competing in team sports at an early age, this will help kids develop mental agility as well.

Children’s soccer is one such sport in Singapore and the fitness training that accompanies team sports will help foster a healthy outlook in the way children grow up to look after themselves.

If you have young kids, you know how much energy they need to express during the day. Being a parent can be exhausting, when you factor positive playtime into your kids’ daily routines. So, let someone else help them do the running around, while you sit back and watch your children engage in a physically challenging and socially inspiring game of football on the field every week.

Cosmo United Football Academy in Singapore provides soccer coaching for under 3s to under 16s, girls and boys, with a coaching team comprised of former S-League and national team players. Our qualified coaches and trainers can help bring out the best in your child. As such, we have provided a list of some positive reasons to start your kids young when it comes to playing sport.

Avoid childhood obesity and gain better overall health
Thanks in part to processed foods and the tendency for children to be addicted to their screens nowadays, childhood obesity has become a very real and serious problem. To entice your children away from their technology, sign them up for soccer at your local Singapore football club. Our coaches will engage with your children during drills and practise matches to help bring out their love of team sport.

Learn to work with others 
Another side effect of too much screen time is that children are increasingly existing in isolation. Watching TV, playing online games and spending time on social media sites stops children from interacting with people, which can create social disorders and an inability to want to engage with others. Learning to operate cohesively with other football team members helps foster their social skills and makes them accountable for their actions. Being a team player means exactly that, you’re able to be relied upon by your team mates, which is a great attribute to nurture.

Gain an understanding of healthy competition
Aiming for goals, both on and off the field, is a huge part of a child’s personal development. The drive to succeed and compete with friends and opponents on the soccer field teaches children how to set and reach goals. While many parents say, “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you had fun”, there is a positive element to wanting to put wins on the board as it encourages children to reach their potential. Achievements and recognition go a long way towards boosting a child’s self-esteem and our coaches are experienced enough to help children be able to handle a loss as easily as a win.

Sports training and nutrition for young people
One of the many elements of increased efficiency in sport is correct nutrition. Not only will children be able to gauge the benefits for themselves through the way they feel when they consume a good diet, rich in nutrients and low in unhealthy fats, they will increase their fitness and overall wellbeing. Making healthy lifestyle choices will directly influence their ability on the football field – and teaching your kids about nutrition and a healthy diet will help them make better choices later in life.

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