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Boys and girls of all ages love playing soccer and most kids have a football hero or two whose match skills they aspire to. Children’s health experts agree that sporting activities at an early age can positively impact overall fitness and wellbeing.

Children’s soccer is a great way to combine a range of physical disciplines and mental skills and being a non-contact sport, it’s a popular option for parents of littlies and older children.

Playing in a team sport and getting your kids some professional children’s soccer coaching can help build your young ones’ confidence and social skills, as well as their physical prowess. Not only does carefully monitored exercise assist with development, team sports are a great way to teach children basic life skills to help them become well-balanced adults. Heading into maturity, ‘team players’ who show mental alertness and set goals at work, are more likely to be well received in a professional environment.

If you’re thinking about finding a skilled Singapore soccer coach to help teach your children some ball skills, consider the following benefits:

Join in and have fun! 
Your child doesn’t have to be another David Beckham to have a great time playing kids’ soccer and gain the benefits this sport has to offer. Under your Singapore soccer coach’s expert instruction kids will be encouraged to reach their sporting potential; there is the fun aspect to be enjoyed as well. While many youngsters who are taught the game from an early age go on to become accomplished amateur players, many others reap the benefits off the field. Kids’ soccer as a team sport can help fine-tune life skills for your children, such as knowing not to let the team down, taking part, committing to training regimens and taking responsibility for their role within the team. Local soccer games are a wonderful healthy outlet for the community, as well. Parents can help by volunteering their time to organise uniforms, game days and fruit and water on the side-lines for thirsty players.

The importance of psychomotor skills 
Children’s soccer training will help improve hand-to-eye coordination and hone your kids’ finer cognitive functions. The ball and fields skills learned during soccer practice and matches play an important role in developing more refined psycho-motor skills. Developing fine motor movements helps improve dexterity and speed, which is useful for activities such as driving, typing and playing musical instruments.

Team-building and interaction with peers 
One obvious benefit from soccer coaching for kids is that it teaches children how to work together and form relationships with others. Realising that they cannot achieve certain desired results without the cooperation of their teammates poses a learning curve for children. They realise they need to overcome this hurdle to become a positive influence within a group environment. Once they actively experience the results of teamwork, they are more likely to understand that working with others can reap major rewards.

The only way is up 
A good Singapore soccer coach will be able to recognise potential in your children and has the ability to develop skills, especially in littlies, who require a gentle but firm hand – both on and off the field. Children benefit from healthy outdoor activities and need to exercise to release energy and endorphins. A good football coach may even be able to coax onto the field the next Cristiano – or Christine – Ronaldo, after all.

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